Artist Thoughts: "Morning Stroll" (The Battery, Charleston, SC)

Almost any time of year the Battery in Charleston, SC, is alive mornings with joggers and walkers taking in the historic views and sea air. Young and old find this centuries-old city named after an unpopular English king a favorite vacation spot. It gives one pause to think that the site where cannons fired on Fort Sumter, marking the official beginning of the American Civil War, is now a place of such pleasure and peaceful activity. It reminds me that the God who created sea, land, and sky is also the Lord of history. The city has seen not only wars, earthquakes, fires, and hurricanes. It has also known amazing spiritual revival during the Great Awakening of the 18th century.

Artist Thoughts: "Italian Coast" (Corniglia, Cinque Terra, Italy)

Situated in the northwest Italian province of La Spezia, Liguria, Corniglia sits above the Mediterranean on a ridge 100 meters high with cascading terraced vineyards on three sides and a steep descent on the fourth. The village dates back to the Roman empire, its name derived from the family that owned the land. Scenes like this one is what makes the coastline of the Italian Riviera such a desirable tourist destination. The Master Artist in whose light we see light has given us a masterpiece of color.

Artist Thoughts: "Lunch Break" (White Point Garden, Charleston, SC)

At the tip of the peninsula that is historic Charleston tourists and residents find relaxation and shade under the sprawling oak trees of White Point Garden. This peaceful paradise was once the scene of war. Among the trees are monuments to Revolutionary defenders of Fort Moultrie and to fallen heroes of the Civil War. Cannons on the Battery stand like silent sentries on the eastern boundary of the park where that war began. Today the park is alive with people of every age especially in the early evening when the working day is done. At lunchtime you see not just vacationers but businessmen too, grabbing a quick snack before heading back to their battle for bread. At work or play we live in the middle of both history and nature ruled by the all-wise Master of all. It pays to stop and notice.


Artist Thoughts: "Bay of Vernazza" (Italy)

Situated in the northwest Italian province of La Spezia, Liguria, the town of Vernazza has become an unforgettable tourist destination. Long  known for its fishing, olive oil, and wine production, it was a fortified town as early as A.D. 1080. Its picturesque landmark, the Church of Santa Margherita d’Antiochia, dates back to at least A. D. 1318. Its octagonal bell tower was built centuries later. Friends of mine got to tour this part of Italy on a 10-day excursion staying in private homes open to travelers. This scene is one of my favorites. There’s no missing the artistic genius of the Creator in the breathtaking beauty of rugged mountains plunging into the jewel-like Mediterranean.